Around Here


Around here lately:

1. Prepping Documented Life planner pages when not doing #2 and #3. Definitely trying to document more of our weekly events.

2. Softball – lots and lots of high school softball games, tournaments, picture taking! Caught this one of my baby girl getting hit by a pitch on the elbow. Ouch!

3. Baseball – lots of baseball lessons and practices to get ready for spring games. Lots of baseball games coming soon! My baby boy has been working hard!

4. A few more rows added when not doing #2 and #3. Inspired by Pam Garrison’s project.

So a lot time on the ball fields lately. But I love it! Just wish the weather would warm up a bit.

Trying to carve out some creative time in the studio this week in between mountains of laundry, games, practices, filling shop orders, and more!

What are you up to? I hope you are finding time to be creative.

One thought on “Around Here

  1. Hey! I love your PG project! I started one too, but got bored with changing the yarns every row. Mine is so Charlie Brown. LOL. I’ve got to get up your way, we need to do lunch! Love ALL your creativity!!!!!


    the other c

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