Fast Forward Art Play™ – Celebrate

It’s time for another Fast Forward Art Play™ video and it’s time to CELEBRATE spring! During this play time I challenged myself to work with a color I don’t normally use…purple. Now my niece loves purple, but I am just not a purple girl.

It was a bit of a challenge to work with the purple at first, but I do love how the page came out combined with a few of my favorite colors. I really LOVE the new stencil I got from Stencil Girl by Maria McGuire. I know I will be using it a lot! I also love the surprise I got when I was collaging some vintage paper on the center of the flower. I was getting ready to use one side and flipped it over to see what the other side looked like and found the word “celebrate” stamped on it. I had stamped the word at some point and the scrap piece ended up in my paper stash. I love little fun surprises like that. So I decided to name the page celebrate in honor of spring!

I hope you enjoy watching the process. Remember the page was created in under 30 minutes and I have fast forwarded the video times 2 so it’s something you can watch quick.

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Remember it doesn’t take a lot of time to create in your art journal. It’s all about playing and having fun. So I would love for you to challenge yourself to carve out 30 minutes a week to just play! I would love to see anything you make inspired by this video. Please be sure and leave a comment below if you create something.



If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments. Happy Creating.


5 thoughts on “Fast Forward Art Play™ – Celebrate

  1. Fun Cindy! Thanks for sharing your process! Also — I don’t know if your about page video is new, but I just watched it today for the first time. Really awesome — LOVE it! xox

    1. Lisa thanks so much!! And I appreciate your sweet comment about my about page video. A good friend did it for me and I love how she captured my studio.

  2. It’s telling me that because of privacy settings I can’t view the video. 😕 Is there somewhere else I can view it?

    1. Cindy, just wanted you to know I managed to watch the video right on Vimeo, once I read your response to me. Thanks for sharing it! I really enjoyed it!

      1. Kristin so glad you enjoyed the video! Hope you get some time to create this weekend!

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