Oh hey there!

I'm Cindy Gilstrap and I'm so glad you are here! I hope you will take a minute to look around and get to know me. I'm just an ordinary gal trying to spread my love of color and creativity with sweet souls like you.

Welcome to my studio where you will find me playing with paint, paper, and fabric and leaving colorful messes behind. 
Just hit the play button to come on in and take a peek.

You can find me most days taking care of my family (which includes two kiddos, a hubby, plus two pups) and making a mess in my art studio. I am smitten with art journaling, mixed media art, vintage paper, fabric, stitching, quilting, crochet, photography, book making, and all things colorful.  It's not unusual for me to run errands with paint on me somewhere. I'm not sure I have a shirt that doesn't have paint specs on it.

I find inspiration in the everyday. My art is colorful and quirky and sometimes just goofy. It's all about playing and having fun! I love combining vintage and new and trying new techniques. You might find me painting one day and stitching the next. There are no rules in art play and anything goes!

Following my heart, I started this little online art space in hopes that my art inspires you to create. Making time to play creatively is so important even if it's just for a few minutes a day. I believe everyone can be creative if they just make the time to play. 

So I'll be sharing my art, some free artsy tips and tricks, and some online workshops with you that will put a spark in your creative heart. At least that's my plan.

So check back often to make sure you catch all the creative happenings. Or even better make sure you join the Junque Art Studio creative family and sign up to get creative updates. When you join, you’ll get my high resolution “Finding Your Heart and Soul” art print for FREE.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you in the classroom!

All my creative love,


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