Doodle Day Monday

Happy New Year Everyone!

Let's doodle shall we?


Doodle Day Monday - #1 - January 5, 2015

One of my goals for 2015 is to make more art! Yay! More art! So I thought I would start a little sketchbook dedicated to daily or at least weekly doodles and sketches. To help me stay on course and to encourage you to make more art too, I am starting a Doodle Day Monday so that all of you can join in!

Your doodles don't have to be elaborate or perfect or in any certain medium. The point is just to make some time to doodle and sketch each week and to have fun being creative. You never know what will come out of just playing!

I'll be sharing my doodles and sketches with you each Monday here (on my blog) and on Instagram. If you would like to play along you can post on Instagram and use the hashtag #doodledaymonday.

What are you doodling? I'd love to see!