What's Up Buttercup?


I love that saying! It just makes me smile. So what are you up to? I've been adjusting to the summer schedule and trying to fit in some art time. Above is an art journal I created a while back but I just love the messy stitching and unexpected elements.I got to do an art day with one of my besties! She and I always have fun and it's always a much needed treat. I highly recommend spending time often with an art buddy creating if you can. It's just good for the soul.During our art day I added some layers to the art journal page that I started. Just playing, no pressure art. And if you missed my last post on Why I Love Art Journaling be sure and check it out. It includes a process video of me creating an art journaling page that I hope you will enjoy.I've also been working on something really fun that I hope you all will enjoy! Eeeeks, it's so exciting!  Above is small sneak peek. Want another hint? You can FIND OUT MORE HERE. Alright creative peeps! More coming soon!