Altered Book Flower Fun


You guys know I love creating flowers in my art journals. They are just such a happy subject and put a smile on your face!I am super excited to announce I have a new class at Big Picture Classes and it's all about playing with flowers in an altered book art journal. Come join me in Altered Book Flower Fun as we have fun playing and getting messy with paint, ink, pens and more. It's really all about playing and just having fun! I hope to see you in class!


Artsy Dori Workshop Sale


One of the reasons I started this little online creative space was to encourage others to make time for creativity. I truly believe everyone is creative! My first self hosted workshop that went live in November was a great leap towards that goal of inspiring others. Thank you to all the sweet peeps that have purchased my workshop so far and trusted me to lead you in a creative journey. I have been blown away by all the wonderful Artsy Doris you have created! And for a short time (through tomorrow 6/21) the Artsy Dori Workshop is on sale! You can find all the details right here that includes a preview video. Keep creating everyone! It's a beautiful thing!


Having Fun With Color


Do you sometimes struggle with getting past the blank page? I know I do. For the longest time I thought it was just me. But I now know all artists struggle with the blank canvas at times.

One way I get past the blank page is to just start adding color. I have multiple techniques that I use to accomplish this but I am super excited to show you a fun and easy way to do this as a contributing teacher to the Just Add Color class at Big Picture Classes! This is a wonderful class taught by Jasmine Jones and Wilna Furstenberg and 15 other talented contributors (and me).


I had so much fun creating my lesson for Just Add Color. Class starts tomorrow and I can't wait to see all the wonderful color ideas. I hope to see you in class!


Exciting News and a Giveaway!

StencilGirl Creative Team 2015-16

I am so excited to share that I was asked to be a part of the wonderful StencilGirl Creative Team! I can not wait to get started sharing their wonderful stencils with you and all the creative things you can do with them.

I am honored to be among a group of very talented and inspiring women! Please be sure and check out the StencilGirl Talk blog for fun and inspiring tutorials every week. I'll be sharing there soon.


I also wanted to share an Artsy Dori student with you that I am so proud of! My biggest reason for teaching online creative classes is to hopefully inspire people to create. Anna, from Artful Stories, was so inspired from the Artsy Dori Workshop that she has made multiple Artsy Doris! They are BEEEUTEEFUL oh my goodness they are to die for!

Here's just one of the Artsy Doris that she created and is giving away! Yes, I said giving away! I am so tempted to enter the giveaway. LOL

To enter, first head over to StencilGirl where Anna has an inspiring post waiting for you and all the details to enter the Artsy Dori giveaway.  They are truly beautiful notebook covers!

I am so blown away and proud of all my students who have shared their work. It truly makes my heart happy to see all the beautiful notebooks being created. And if you are wanting to create your own Artsy Dori, your can check it out here.


Inspired By Nature

Where do you get your creative inspiration? Are you inspired by other artists? A trip to the fabric store? Pinterest? The list can be endless and we all get inspiration from different places. I find myself being inspired by nature a lot!


Come join me for my March lesson next week in The Journey Within. I am so excited about the upcoming lesson! The Journey Within is a year long workshop hosted by Kiala Givehand that includes some amazing artists which I'm still pinching myself that I'm rubbing elbows with them.


It's a lesson on Taking Cues From Nature. It's a lesson that comes from my heart and I talk about how nature inspired me to create this art journal page and how I work intuitively in my art journal.


This is a video lesson and I  show you multiple techniques that I use on a regular basis to create my art journal pages. It's not to late to join The Journey Within. You have plenty of time to be inspired by all the wonderful lessons.

I hope you will come and join the fun!


Ever Wonder How To Create Beautiful Mixed Media Layers?


Years ago I found my love of mixed media art and art journals. When I first started, creating layered backgrounds was a mystery to me. I couldn't seem to get past the fear of the "blank page" and when I did get over the fear, I couldn't seem to get past the first layer.


After lots of practice and inspiration from other mixed media artists, I finally came up with my own easy steps that I use to create my quirky style of bright mixed media backgrounds. These steps are super simple and I use them all the time. They are steps that can be repeated with different colors, products, and tools to give a unique look every time you create a background.


I love that the backgrounds are all unique and that you can use them is so many different creative projects. Are you ready to learn how I create my backgrounds?


Well I'm super excited to announce I am teaching my first online class, Mix It Up Layer By Layer at Big Picture Classes. I have been a long time fan of Big Picture and when they invited me to teach I was beyond tickled pink! I am honored to be one of their new instructors.


In class we will be having fun just playing and getting messy with paint, stencils, ink, pens and more! In 8 instructional videos I will take you step by step trough my process of creating backgrounds and then show you several ways to use your backgrounds. We will also be making a completed project out of our backgrounds that is super cute.


My class is live today so I hope you will join me in the classroom. Big Picture Classes has a wonderful site with talented teachers in many areas. So if you aren't already a  BPC member I highly recommend you check it out. They offer a FREE trial period to check it all out. Your membership includes access to almost 100 awesome classes and counting.


Big Picture is also celebrating their 100th class coming up so they are offering any new members a chance to win a free year membership! Whoop whoop. You can't beat that! So what are you waiting for? Go check out the classroom and if you join my class be sure and introduce yourself in the group. I can't wait to see you there! We are going to have so much fun!


What's Up Buttercup?


I love that saying! It just makes me smile. So what are you up to? I've been adjusting to the summer schedule and trying to fit in some art time. Above is an art journal I created a while back but I just love the messy stitching and unexpected elements.I got to do an art day with one of my besties! She and I always have fun and it's always a much needed treat. I highly recommend spending time often with an art buddy creating if you can. It's just good for the soul.During our art day I added some layers to the art journal page that I started. Just playing, no pressure art. And if you missed my last post on Why I Love Art Journaling be sure and check it out. It includes a process video of me creating an art journaling page that I hope you will enjoy.I've also been working on something really fun that I hope you all will enjoy! Eeeeks, it's so exciting!  Above is small sneak peek. Want another hint? You can FIND OUT MORE HERE. Alright creative peeps! More coming soon!


Fast Forward Art Journal Page Process

Fast Forward Art Journal Page Process

On of my favorite things to do is work in my art journals. I thought you might enjoy watching me work in one of my favorite vintage journals. I started without a plan and just worked freely and went with my intuition as I worked. It's all about playing and learning and making time for art.

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