Exciting News and a Giveaway!

StencilGirl Creative Team 2015-16

I am so excited to share that I was asked to be a part of the wonderful StencilGirl Creative Team! I can not wait to get started sharing their wonderful stencils with you and all the creative things you can do with them.

I am honored to be among a group of very talented and inspiring women! Please be sure and check out the StencilGirl Talk blog for fun and inspiring tutorials every week. I'll be sharing there soon.


I also wanted to share an Artsy Dori student with you that I am so proud of! My biggest reason for teaching online creative classes is to hopefully inspire people to create. Anna, from Artful Stories, was so inspired from the Artsy Dori Workshop that she has made multiple Artsy Doris! They are BEEEUTEEFUL oh my goodness they are to die for!

Here's just one of the Artsy Doris that she created and is giving away! Yes, I said giving away! I am so tempted to enter the giveaway. LOL

To enter, first head over to StencilGirl where Anna has an inspiring post waiting for you and all the details to enter the Artsy Dori giveaway.  They are truly beautiful notebook covers!

I am so blown away and proud of all my students who have shared their work. It truly makes my heart happy to see all the beautiful notebooks being created. And if you are wanting to create your own Artsy Dori, your can check it out here.