Summer Throw Pillows Get A Makeover for the Holidays

As I was doing some Holiday decorating today I walked by these pillows on the front porch and said, "I think I need some new outdoor pillows for Christmas". I then quickly said, "No you don't you pillow freak! You have way too many pillows already! And plus they are already green." Yes, I was really talking to myself on the front porch. That's what happens when you turn middle aged! Thank goodness my neighbors weren't around. So instead of running off to the store to buy new pillows that I would have to store after the Holidays, I started searching around the house for something I could use to spiff the pillows up.

 Here's the before of the neglected, dusty, dirty pillows and bench.

As I searched around the house for supplies I came across a few "No that won't work." Yes, I'm still talking to myself. Then I found a roll of burlap garland ribbon that I have had for who knows how long. Yeppers, time to use that. I also dug out some snowflake napkin rings. I am definitely an "outside the box" thinker when it comes to using things for something other than their intended purpose.

First I dusted off the pillows. Beleive me they needed it. I then cut the burlap so that it would wrap around the pillow about 3 1/2 times. This was just a guesstimate because I don't believe in measuring. Just sayin. I wrapped the burlap around the first side and crossed it.

I then wrapped it around the second side and crossed again. Kinda like wrapping ribbon around a present.

I tucked the ends of the burlap through the hole in the napkin ring in opposite directions and pulled snug. I made some loops to look like bow loops with the remaining ends and just tucked under the burlap and napkin ring.

And there you have it. Spruced up summer pillows for the Holidays in less than 15 minutes. No sewing, no money spent. Woo hoo! Oh and I dusted off the bench too. Ooops but I forgot to sweep the porch. Sounds like something good for my son to do tomorrow!

I hope this inspires you to create some dressed up pillows from someting you already have on hand.  You could do it for indoor or outdoor pillows. If you do outside pillows make sure your materials are weather proof. My porch is covered so the burlap should be fine.

If you do create some nifty Holiday pillows, please post a link in the comments so I can see what you created!

Holiday Hugs!