You Are Never Too Old To Try Something New



I posted this on Instagram earlier today with the caption..."Don't listen to that voice that is telling you that you are too old to follow a dream. It's lying to you. Just sayin'."

I'm really glad I didn't believe that voice! I'll be honest I listened to it at first. But if I had continued to listen to that voice I would have never pursued my art. I would have never put myself out there. And I would have never ever released prints of my art!

I am so excited to announce that I am now carrying art prints in my shop! Eeeeek I am doing a happy dance. It is something that I have been thinking about for awhile but #1 was scared (because of that voice) and #2 I had no idea how to do it.


So finally after kicking that voice out of my head...the one that was saying I was too old to pursue a dream or try something new, and after tons of research and trial and error, I just released my first set of art prints. It was quite the undertaking and learning process.


It was... and still is scary because my art truly does come from my heart. I create for me and when you create from your heart it does have personal meaning attached. But I truly feel as an artist you have to create for yourself first and no one else. That's the only way the true you is going to shine through.


Some of you may remember me creating this Believe In Your Own Magic piece on periscope. (You can still watch me create this in my classroom for FREE.) Creating this piece live in front of people really was a turning point for me. I realized I needed to listen to my own advice and believe in myself. I'm great at giving advice and supporting (just ask my teenagers) but sometimes I'm not so great at following my own advice.


I am so thrilled to be sharing my art with you! I'm so glad I kicked the uninvited voice to the curb. I have learned so much about this process over the last few months. I'm kinda geeky like that with all the techy stuff.

I hope you will visit my SHOP and have fun browsing all the prints. You can read more details there about how I make the prints. They are truly beautiful in person and represent my original pieces so well. (Oh and I threw some art stickers in there just for fun too! Because who doesn't love stickers?)


I hope you find something that you connect with and just makes you smile. Making you smile would truly mean the world to me! And if you do find something you can't live without please use the coupon FRIENDS20 at checkout to enjoy 20% off your entire order. (coupon good through 3/31/16) It's just my thank you to you for supporting me and cheering me on to make art. And because you are awesome! I'll be adding new prints to the shop periodically so be sure and check in often.

Please remember you are never too old to follow a dream! Never!