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Welcome to the StencilGirl and Etchall blog hop! I am so excited you found your way here, and I hope you are enjoying all the wonderful projects that you can create with these two amazing companies! So let's go fishing! No not that kind of fishing. Just the I have the munchies kinda gold fish snack fishing. And that's where this little project started...I was hungry, eating gold fish, looking at stencils, and well... it turned into today's project. LOL

Gone Fishin' StencilGirl JunqueArt

I decided to use one of my favorite stencils from StencilGirl combined with the etchall products to create this cute and easy jar for snacks! I love gold fish snacks and I love them even better stored in a cute container! The Aidan's School Stencil is one of my favorite stencils. It was created by MaryBeth's grandson and I love that the whole family gets involved in the creative process. It's a perfect stencil for the gold fish snacks! (Warning: this project can cause hunger and unavoidable snacking!)

stencil art gone fishing

Let's Get Started

Supplies needed:

  1. Glass jar with lid

  2. Aidan's School Stencil from StencilGirl

  3. etchall stencil spray

  4. etchall etching creme

  5. etchall squeegee

  6. Painter's tape

  7. Rubber gloves

  8. Ribbon or piece of fabric (optional)

  9. Gold fish snack (or snack of your choice)


Step 1:

Following the directions on the stencil spray you will want to spray your stencil with the etchall stencil spray. Let dry. This is very helpful in keeping the stencil down and can be removed from the stencil when done or used over and over. Be sure and do this outdoors or in a well ventilated area.


Step 2:

Stick the stencil on your jar making sure to rub around the shapes to adhere the stencil flat. Using painter's tape or a low tack tape you will want to mask off any images on the stencil that you don't want to etch on the glass. Since the glass is curved I also masked any fish shapes that were not flush with the glass. If the image is not flush the etching creme will seep under the outline and distort the shape.


Step 3:

Gather your etchall creme, squeegee, and rubber gloves. You will want to protect your hands from the creme. Double check your stencil and make sure all edges around the shapes are stuck down good.


Step 4:

Apply the etching creme over the stencil using the squeegee. Put a generous coat on it and make sure all the shape is covered. Try not to rub across the shapes too hard to prevent the creme from seeping under the edges. Let the creme set for 15 minutes.


Step 5:

After letting the creme sit for 15 minutes remove the excess with the squeegee and put back in the jar. You can reuse the creme. Leaving the stencil in place wash off the remaining creme with water.


Step 6:

Remove the stencil and finish washing the jar. Dry well and you are done! Be sure and wash any excess creme from your stencil too.

Such a fun and easy project!


If you would like to go one step further you can add a cute piece of fabric or ribbon to add a little color to your jar. 


I hope you enjoyed this project! It would make a great party favor or house warming gift! The possibilities are endless with all the stencil choices!

Thank you so much for being here! You will want to keep reading below to find out how to enter the wonderful giveaway from StencilGirl and etchall!

Good luck and happy creating!


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