A Stitched Pocket Notebook

A Stitched Pocket Notebook


I'm so glad you found your way here! Today kicks off the Summer Blog Hop with a Twist with Roben-Marie and her Design Team.  We have the usual art inspiration and giveaways, but the twist is that there is also a SALE! More on the giveaway and the sale in a bit.

First let's get started on this fun little stitched pocket journal project. With just a few supplies it's a simple little project that you can stitch up while watching your favorite Netflix show. It makes a great notebook to throw in your purse, pocket, or give as a gift.

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Gone Fishing With StencilGirl and Etchall

Gone Fishing With StencilGirl and Etchall

Welcome to the StencilGirl and Etchall blog hop! I am so excited you found your way here, and I hope you are enjoying all the wonderful projects that you can create with these two amazing companies! So let's go fishing! No not that kind of fishing. Just the I have the munchies kinda gold fish snack fishing. And that's where this little project started...I was hungry, eating gold fish, looking at stencils, and well... it turned into today's project. LOL

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Creative Tags With StencilGirl and Imagine Crafts

Creative Tags With StencilGirl and Imagine Crafts

Welcome to the Blog Hop with StencilGirl and Imagine Crafts! I am so excited you are here and I hope you enjoy creating these cute tags along with me. Be sure and read all the way to the end of the post for links to more fun projects and details on the how to enter the Giveaway.

See the video tutorial.

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Creating A Junk Journal with StencilGirl and Canvas Corp!

Creating A Junk Journal with StencilGirl and Canvas Corp!

This month StencilGirl Products is collaborating with Canvas Corp Brands to show you unique ways to use StencilGirl stencils with a variety of Canvas Corp Brands surfaces and Tattered Angels Paint Kits!

Be sure to check out the details at the end of this post on how you can win a wonderful prize package worth over $50 in goodies from StencilGirl Products and Canvas Corp Brands!

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Christmas In July With StencilGirl and Imagine Crafts


Christmas in July Blog Hop banner

Welcome to the Christmas in July Blog Hop with StencilGirl and Imagine Crafts. I'm so excited you are here!

It is a little hard to think about Christmas when it's almost 100 degrees outside, but the Holidays will be here before you know it. So why not stay out of the heat and have fun making some Christmas crafts.


I am a bit of a vintage and thrift store junkie, and I love combining old and new in my decorating and my art. Today I'm going to show you how to make this charming vintage style Christmas Tree wall decor. When I go thrift store shopping I have a few things that I always look for. One of those being vintage embroidery hoops. There is just something heartwarming and comforting about these simple little wooden hoops that just makes me smile. I think the memories of my grandmother and I working on stitching projects together has something to do with the attachment.


For this project I decided to use this awesome oval embroidery hoop that I had in my stash of hoops. Embroidery hoops make great frames that you can change out for the seasons. This is a simple and quick project that will add handmade charm to your Christmas decor.

Let's get started!


Supplies Needed


Step 1: Cut the background fabric to be about 1.5"- 2" larger than your hoop. You can leave it square for now. We will trim it at the end.

Step 2: Trace the inside of the hoop onto the canvas fabric with a pen or pencil.

Step 3: Draw hash marks 1"-2" inside the circle or oval that you just traced to form a smaller circle or oval. This is going to be the smaller piece of canvas fabric that you will do your stencil art on. I measured in 2" because I wanted 2" of the vintage fabric to show. You can adjust your measurements to your liking.

Step 4: Cut along the hash marks.


Step 5: Using the Green Apple Marker from the Gemstone Set and the Antennas Stencil color in the "trunk" and "limbs". Leave off the top ones as shown.Step 6:  Color in the "ornaments" with the Cherry Pink Marker from the Gemstone Set. Skip the top branch but color in the very top one.

Step 7:  Your tree should look like this.

Step 8:  Using the Broken Circles Stencil over lay one of the broken circles over the top dot that you colored in Step 6. Using the Cherry Pink Marker color in the broken circle.

Step 9:  Your tree should look like this.


Step 10: Add details around every other "ornament" with the Cherry Pink Marker.


Step 11:Paint inside the Broken Circle with All Purpose Ink in White.

Step 12: Paint under the tree with the white ink.

Step 13: Paint the word "Joy" with the All Purpose Ink in White.

Step 14: Outline the word "Joy" with the Cherry Pink Marker.


The canvas piece is all finished. Let's move to the next steps.


Step 15: Center your canvas piece in the middle of the hoop. Tack down to background fabric with a glue stick to hold in place.

Step 16: Thread an embroidery needle with embroidery floss to match your project.

Step 17: Straight stitch around the edge of the canvas piece. Add a seed bead to every other stitch. The stitches don't have to perfect. We are going for a handmade vintage look which mean "perfectly imperfect".

Step 18: Add a seed bead to the top of the tree .


Step 19: Insert the finished fabric piece into the hoop and adjust the tightness. Trim the fabric around the hoop leaving enough to fold over the edge.


Step 20: Fold over the edge of the fabric to the inside of the hoop. If you want to be able to switch the fabric piece out for different seasons then you can just tape the fabric edges to the hoop. Not pretty but it works and it won't show. If you want the fabric to be a permanent piece in the hoop you can use craft glue to adhere the fabric to the hoop.


And now you are all done and ready to hang it up for Holidays.

Christmas in July GIVEAWAY image

Thanks so much for stopping by on the hop! I hope you enjoyed this little vintage style Christmas project. Be sure and visit all the blogs in the hop for a chance to win $100! All the details are below.

What would a Blog Hop be without a GIVEAWAY??!!!

We'll be picking one lucky winner to receive $100 in Gift Certificates – a $50 Gift Certificate for StencilGirl Products and a $50 Gift Certificate for Imagine Crafts!

Take your time and visit each blog showcased July 9, 16, & 23 and leave your comments.

Blog Hop Order

July 9: 
Mary C. Nasser
Neva Cole
Nadine Carlier
Monica Edwards

July 16:
StencilGirl Talk Janet Joehlin
Cindy Gilstrap - YOU ARE HERE
Anna Friesen
Alison Heikkila
Martha Lucia Gomez
Roni Johnson

July 23:
StencilGirl Talk Gwen Lafleur
Carolyn Dube
Carol Baxter
Mark Melnick
Jowilna Nolte
Terre Fry

The more blogs you comment on, the more chances you have to WIN! One comment per blog please.

You will have until Saturday, July 30th at 11:59PM Central Time to leave your comments.

The winner will be notified by email and announced on StencilGirl's Facebook page on Sunday, July 31st.

Happy Hopping & Creating!


Exciting News and a Giveaway!

StencilGirl Creative Team 2015-16

I am so excited to share that I was asked to be a part of the wonderful StencilGirl Creative Team! I can not wait to get started sharing their wonderful stencils with you and all the creative things you can do with them.

I am honored to be among a group of very talented and inspiring women! Please be sure and check out the StencilGirl Talk blog for fun and inspiring tutorials every week. I'll be sharing there soon.


I also wanted to share an Artsy Dori student with you that I am so proud of! My biggest reason for teaching online creative classes is to hopefully inspire people to create. Anna, from Artful Stories, was so inspired from the Artsy Dori Workshop that she has made multiple Artsy Doris! They are BEEEUTEEFUL oh my goodness they are to die for!

Here's just one of the Artsy Doris that she created and is giving away! Yes, I said giving away! I am so tempted to enter the giveaway. LOL

To enter, first head over to StencilGirl where Anna has an inspiring post waiting for you and all the details to enter the Artsy Dori giveaway.  They are truly beautiful notebook covers!

I am so blown away and proud of all my students who have shared their work. It truly makes my heart happy to see all the beautiful notebooks being created. And if you are wanting to create your own Artsy Dori, your can check it out here.


A Giveaway on Instagram!

My favorite social media platform is Instagram! And I'm having a little celebration giveaway over there!


I realized this morning that I have over 500 awesome followers and to celebrate I'm having a giveaway! I know that's not a lot of followers to some, but it's a ton for little ole me. There are so many creative peeps sharing amazing things on Instagram, and I love it!

To celebrate reaching 500 followers I am having a giveaway! Please come join the fun if you like. I'm giving away a signed print of my original mixed media art piece "Everyday Beauty" and a whole lot more.


All you have to do is come on over to my Instagram feed . Find the photo above and follow the directions under the photo to enter the giveaway. (You will have to be on your smart phone to post.)

Creative peeps rock!